Myer Realty: Home of the 4.75% Listing Fee

Myer Realty: Home of the 4.75% Listing Fee

While Other Real Estate Companies Want To Charge You A Full 6% In Fees And Other “Discount” Broker Want To Cut Services – We Provide You OVER THE TOP SERVICE At Discount Prices.



Save You Money: Thousands More In Your Pocket

Save You Stress: Due To Shorter Time On Market

Save You Aggravation: Due To Constant Communication

We know that you have a choice when it comes to which real estate agent you want to work with. We also know that choosing anyone else will cost you a fortune in frustration, aggravation, lost days on the market and money.

We are different.

We fundamentally believe that people deserve more for their money. No one should spend thousands of dollars, on anything, and receive any thing less that exceptional solutions, customer service, and communication.

You see, most other “discount brokers” have to cut services in order to offer their clients discounted rates. Instead of cutting services, we actually add services. Why? Simple: With the added services we provide, we will get your property in front of a larger audience faster than anyone else.

BOTTOM LINE: The quicker you can get your home in front of the largest audience possible, the faster you are going to sell your home.

We are different.

Full service brokers want to charge you a full 6% in fees to market your property. But what exactly are they providing for that 6%? Most real estate brokers just put your property on the MLS and wait for their network to find a buyer. If you’re lucky they might even run an ad or two for your home and possibly host a couple of open houses.

SORRY, In today’s modern market place “traditional” forms of marketing just won’t work.

You see, in today’s “hyper-fast” society, You have to know how to reach your target market on the lines of communication they use. Did you know that the average person spend over 32 hours per month online and that over 18% of time spent online is in social media? Did you know that over 90% of all homes purchased today started as online searches?

BOTTOM LINE: We know how to use multiple distribution channels to get your property sold FAST.

At the end of the day, no one is going to do more to sell your property faster and for less money than Myer Realty. You owe it to yourself to call us. You have nothing to loose and thousands to save